Khaled Taha

Khaled Taha

Al Jazeera

Khaled Taha is the former group Director " CTO" of Technology & New Media for Al Jazeera Network.


Khaled Taha is the former group Director " CTO" of Technology & New Media for Al Jazeera Network. His area of responsibility included Engineering, IT and New Media across Al Jazeera Arabic and English Channels, Mubashar ("Live"), Al Jazeera Documentary Channel and both Al Jazeera Sports Channels. In November 2006, Khaled led the successful launch of Al Jazeera English Channel, the world’s first end to end HD implementation at a 24 hour news channel.

Khaled also spearheaded the "Al Jazeera New Era" initiative which is a digital innovation project aimed at positioning Al Jazeera at the forefront of the media landscape. The New Media initiative was aimed at taking Al Jazeera to a New Era and touched on many aspects from new delivery methods as well as new and innovative methods of content capture or generation. Certainly what Khaled initiated is shaping and will continue to shape the Al Jazeera of the future.

Khaled Taha has been awarded the top 20 Chief Information Officer “CIO” awards for the year 2008. A CIO 20 award is an acknowledged mark of enterprise excellence. Executives from honored companies have been recognized among their peers and colleagues at the CIO 20 Awards and Executive Forum that was held in Dubai on the 18th June 2008.

To be selected, applicants should have not only proved that they have executed their project well, but that they have done so in uncommon, innovative ways: pioneering a new technology, applying a familiar technology to a new purpose, setting the bar higher for their competitors. And all projects should have demonstrated business value beyond a mere positive ROI.

Before joining Al Jazeera, Khaled had a number of senior roles within Motorola, where he was responsible for architecting and deploying leading cutting-edge telecommunications solutions such as 3G, WiMAX and IP Multi-Media Systems (IMS) "IMS-VoIP Senior Solution Architect ":

  • A track record of 15+ years in the telecommunications & IT "IP" industries, with extensive experience in the area of IMS or VoIP technologies for service providers, cable operators and enterprises effective in a client-facing consulting role
  • Polished professional consulting skills with a balance of technical, business and interpersonal competency
  • Existing strong customer relationships with trusted advisor status
  • Polished communication, interpersonal, analytical and reporting skills
  • A track record of technical and consulting experience to win business (Playing a major role in making the first Motorola’s Win in WiMax & IMS E-2-E solution)
  • Experience operating well in a matrix managed organization
  • The ability and experience to mentor, guide and develop colleagues through knowledge sharing
  • The capability to act as a Subject Matter Expert to design and implement solutions
  • A solid understanding of voice and data networking applications
  • Strong knowledge of IP associated protocols, VoIP, SIP, Radius/Diameter and implementing VoIP QoS
  • Experience with packet-cable networks, ADSL and softswitch architecture, GPRS/EDGE , UMTS & WiMAX
  • Knowledge of voice subscriber services, SMS and of emerging multimedia services and applications e.g. IM, PTT/POC, Presence, Location, Advertising, Video streaming and IPTV
  • A good knowledge of OSS/BSS and an understanding of IP Security and how it relates to NGN
  • A strong academic record with relevant degree and industry certifications

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